SELLidea is a french marketplace founded in 2021 (SIRET number 901 205 112 00013).

Our vision is to develop and improve our daily life through the good ideas of everyone!

For this, we connect those who have ideas and those who seek them:

  • Anyone can post an idea for free on with the objective of selling it without commission

It can be a successful or unsuccessful concept, a technical idea or not, a patented idea or not, an improvement, an idea that we have had in mind for a long time without ever having dared talk about, …

Only the general characteristics of the idea are published in order not to publicly disclose the whole idea.

  • Anyone can view and buy an idea through

This person can be a business founder looking for an idea to develop, an existing business seeking to develop, an association that wants to reintegrate people through work, an individual seeking an answer to a need, the State or a local authority that wishes to improve the safety, ecology, or well-being of the inhabitants, ...

To know all the details of the idea in order to buy it, this person will have to pay a fee of € 9 in order to obtain the contact details of the vendor of the idea. In private and without the intervention of SELLidea, this buyer will be able to interact with the vendor and buy the idea to implement it.

We also provide a link to the INPI site in order to establish prior rights for his idea via the e-SOLEAU online envelope.

We continuously promote ideas for sale on our pages

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